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Recombinant protein generation is very labor-intensive and intellectually challenging. There are many tricky parameters needed to be optimized before a recombinant protein can be obtained with desired purity, biological activity and amount. Production of purified recombinant proteins is an art that needs many years of hands-on experience and a creative mind. So it is usually not advisable for researchers to make their own proteins. Instead, having a contractor make your protein could save you tremendous time and, contrary to your instincts, money.

The SPEED Difference: Quality. We are probably not the most affordable recombinant protein custom service provider, but we are the strictest provider in controlling products quality. According to customers’ feedbacks, some of our proteins are at least 10 times more active than those from other major competitors. We work carefully on every single step of the whole production process (optimized protein expression level, correct protein glycosylation and protein refolding, mild protein binding and elution conditions, pre-tested lyophilization conditions, etc.) to make sure the end product is the best you can get.

The SPEED Difference: Special Project Management. Most custom protein production companies adopt an assembly line type of service model to cut down cost, with one person takes care of only one step without knowing the big picture. We strongly oppose this mass production method. Unlike other mass produced products such as cars, every protein is unique with its own properties. An assembly line worker cannot repeat the same work on all proteins without causing problems. Here at SPEED BioSystems, we treat every service contract as a separate project and assign a scientist to work on it from the beginning to the end, with support from other colleagues. We hold group meetings to discuss problems and improvements. This way we make sure every protein is produced with optimal process parameters and thus with the best quality. Customers can discuss their needs directly with the assigned scientists, without their questions being bounced around among different departments as in some other companies.

The SPEED Difference: Free Consultation and Design: Our core value is to help our customers to move fast with their research, not simply making money out of them. Potential customers are always welcome to talk with us about their projects and their problems, without any obligation to buy our services. Our scientists come from different backgrounds with broad knowledge and hands-on experience in many different biomedical research fields. So the customers’ questions are not limited to recombinant protein production.

SPEED Biosystems Custom Recombinant Protein Production Details:

Protein Service
  • Full Scale: From micrograms to grams.
  • Full Coverage: Almost any protein and any antibody.
  • Full Service: From gene cloning all the way to protein purification. All you need to do is giving us a GenBank number and we will take care of the rest. But you can also choose at which stage you want us to step in.
  • SPEED: Our experience, our technology and our state-of-the-art equipment lead to a SPEED that few can match.
  • Quality:Most stringent quality control.
  • Zero liability: We can test your gene-of-interest to make sure it can be produced before you make your final decision, FOR FREE (limited to "big" projects).
  • Low Cost: With our in-house developed medium and chromatography columns and many other optimizations, we reduced production cost to the lowest limit. The result is: lowest price for our customers.
  • Expression Systems: E. Coli, Yeast, Insect cells, Mammalian Cells (HEK293 or CHO).

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